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Lawn Care Services 

Large lawn of a grass mowed in stripe pattern


We offer one-time weekly and biweekly mows. Our service includes trimming and bagging clippings. We also provide edging upon request.

A picture of a grass trimming machine


We provide core aeration twice a year. We recommend doing it in the spring and fall seasons to ensure continued health and growth of the lawn.

power raking

Power Raking

Use this service to bring up all of your winter thatch composed of leaves and dead grass. This helps your lawn breathe better, promoting healthy growth.

A picture of a man leveling the ground

Top Dressing

Top dressing your lawn can help level out bumpy spots as well as improve drainage and soil structure. You should top dress when applying new seeds to your lawn.

 A picture showcasing a man fertilizing the grass with the help of a cart


Our fertilizing program will be tailored to your lawn's specific needs, ensuring it gets the right nutrients needed to thrive and grow better than ever.

A picture of a man cutting weeds from the lawn


Our preferred method is to pull the weeds from the lawn. If your lawn is full of invasive weeds, we provide spray applications.

Wet grass

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