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Tree and Hedge Services

A photo of a man cutting a tree’s branch

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming aesthetically shapes your tree and allows it to reach its full potential by removing damaged, dead, or diseased parts of the tree. This will help inhibit growth, functionality, and appearance.


Tree trimming also prevents property damage due to falling branches.

A picture showcasing a man trimming a tree

Hedge Cutting

Hedges offer a beautiful accent to your property and provide privacy. 


Hedge cutting is a great way to help maintain shape and control the height as hedges can become overgrown and lose shape. We recommend maintaining a consistent trimming routine to protect your hedges and keep them looking happy and healthy.

A picture showcasing a man planting a plant


Planting for commercial or decorative purposes is always a fun time! 


Even if you have an amazing garden layout, we can help refresh your flowerbeds and fill in any gaps where needed. Leave the pruning and replanting up to us and have your garden well maintained on a regular basis.

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